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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve forgotten my login name and password?

If you’ve forgotten your login information, contact web support for for assistance with your login credentials.

How can I log in to the website?

Click the Login link at the top of the page (bottom on mobile). Any page that requires a login will ask you to login directly on the page (editing your membership profile, adding news, or creating a calendar event). You may also bookmark this page:

How do I know if I am a member of the 23rd Judicial District Bar?

The State Bar automatically assigns you to a judicial district bar based on your address on record in the State Bar membership database. Please log in at using your bar # and password to update your mailing address. You may use your home, office or PO Box address.

Why am I getting an invoice from the 23rd Judicial District Bar?

The 23rd Judicial District Bar is a subdivision of the North Carolina State Bar and is allowed to charge an annual membership fee to be paid by its active members as a service charge to promote and maintain its administration, activities and programs. All active members are required to pay the annual membership fee of [...]